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Marc D. Grossman
Mineola, NY

Marc D. Grossman graduated from The University of Michigan in 1989. After completing Brooklyn Law School and Baruch Business School´s J.D./M.B.A. program while interning at the Law Department of the United Nations, Mr. Grossman became an Associate and later a Partner in the law firm of Mergel, Tubman & Grossman in New York City. Mr. Grossman is also a Founding Partner of Sanders and Grossman P.C., and Baker Sanders Barshay Grossman Fass Muhlstock & Neuwirth, LLC, and a Senior Partner at Sanders, Sanders, Block, Woycik, Viener & Grossman, P.C. and Sanders Viener and Grossman LLP.

Since beginning his law career in 1993, Mr. Grossman has focused primarily on representing large groups of plaintiffs against common defendants. After six years of practicing plaintiff´s personal injury in State and Federal Courts in New York and New Jersey, Mr. Grossman founded the law firm of Sanders and Grossman, P.C. in 1999 specifically to pursue claims for medical providers. This firm, and its successors, grew dramatically under his leadership, and now represent thousands of medical providers litigating claims against insurance companies, and thousands of injury victims, and now employs over fifty attorneys and one hundred support staff.

Mr. Grossman had a vision of uniting the medical profession by affording them the opportunity to litigate nominal claims that were being written off by medical providers as uncollectible and had not previously been practical for most attorneys to litigate. By coordinating Discovery, utilizing the most up-to-date case management technology, recruiting top office administrators and trial attorneys, Mr. Grossman´s firm was able to greatly improve efficiencies throughout the litigation process and ultimately the viability of collecting these claims. By filing over 100,000 individual lawsuits, Mr. Grossman´s firms garnered the attention of the insurance industry and the medical profession in New York eventually leading to a series of mass settlements on behalf of his clients and recoveries in the hundreds of millions of dollars. In just 2006 and 2007, Mr. Grossman´s firm personally litigated, negotiated and recovered Millions of Dollars for his medical provider clients. The unique experience Mr. Grossman garnered as an innovator and leader in the mass settlement of medical claims and mass torts made him a leader in his field in negotiating and obtaining large recoveries.

Mr. Grossman´s Law Firms currently represent thousands of personal injury clients and many of his firms´ fifty attorneys are experienced trial attorneys who have successfully tried fifty or more cases to verdict.

Most recently, Mr. Grossman has represented hundreds of injured clients in lead paint litigations, asbestos litigations, mold litigations, and victims of defective drugs and products. Mr. Grossman received tremendous recognition by counsel on both sides of the Bar litigating Vioxx cases in New Jersey Superior Court where he served as a liaison to the media as a member of the Vioxx PSC´s Public Relations Committee, and as a liaison for the Committee to many financial institutions and governmental agencies, offering a common voice for the hundreds of attorneys handling such cases and the tens of thousands of victims they represent. These efforts and the hard work of many other relentless attorneys ultimately led Merck to agree to one of the largest Civil Settlements in American History for $4.95 Billion.

Mr. Grossman is currently actively litigating for other large groups of plaintiffs in the following matters:

РIn Re: New York Bextra and Celebrex Product Liability Litigation in New York´s Supreme Court, New York County; -Case No. 273, In Re: Bextra and Celebrex Litigation, Superior Court of New Jersey, Atlantic County; -Oxycontin Litigation in New York´s Supreme Court, Richmond County; -MDL-1708, In Re Guidant Corp. Implantable Defibrillators Products Liability Litigation in Minnesota; -MDL-1699, In Re Bextra and Celebrex Marketing, Sales Practices and Products Liability Litigation in California; -MDL-1742, In Re Ortho Evra Products Liability Litigation in Ohio; -Fosamax Litigation in Superior Court of the State of New Jersey, Hunterdon County; -MDL-1789, In Re Fosamax Products Liability Litigation in New York; and -MDL-1804, In Re Stand ´N Seal, Products Liability Litigation where one of Mr. Grossman´s firms serves on the PSC.

Mr. Grossman has been retained by over four hundred victims of Avandia and is a proposed member of the Plaintiff´s Steering Committee in the Federal MDL in Philadelphia, In Re Avandia Sales and Marketing Related Practices.

Mr. Grossman spends much of his time consulting thousands of physicians each year on ways to avoid becoming victim to the wrongful intimidating techniques employed by the Insurance Industry.

Also, since 2003, Mr. Grossman has become well known as a speaker and host of approximately twenty educational seminars designed to educate victims, the medical community and other attorneys on the effects of the unfair fraudulent practices of the Insurance Industry and the rights of their victims.

Mr. Grossman has been quoted and has appeared in numerous local and national forums and in the media as a legal commentator and advocate of victims rights against the corporate greed that plagues our nation.