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With over thirty years of experience as a practicing trial attorney, Koorosh brings a unique birds-eye perspective, radical non-linear thinking and creative problem solving to every legal situation. His extensive experience in all phases of commercial, real estate, catastrophic injury and insurance litigation, as well as his considerable experience in guiding commercial and real property transactions, enables him to devise the wisest and most efficient strategy and assemble the most qualified lawyers and experts from around the country to achieve the best possible outcome for his clients; Be it through a successful verdict, an advantageous settlement or a creative win-win resolution.

Attorneys and firms are often at odds with clients over fees because a strategy that might reduce the fees and benefit the client might actually work against their own financial interest. We avoid the usual conflicts in not taking on any cases directly but only act for the benefit of the client in an advisory, strategic and supervisory role. In this way we are able to maintain our undivided loyalty to the client and guide them in finding, retaining and/or directing the most qualified attorneys from around the country to prosecute or advocate their claim(s) or defenses with only one goal in mind: the client’s best interest.

Having successfully conducted over a hundred bench trials, jury trials and arbitrations, with a 99% success rate, opposite some of the nations top trial attorneys and firms involving multimillion dollar claims and multi billion dollar business ventures we are in a unique position to craft a winning strategy and select, retain and direct the nations best legal talents to advocate your case and to oversee their successful and efficient presentation. Whether you are involved in a complex commercial or real estate litigation, product liability, medical malpractice, insurance bad faith or catastrophic injury case, we can help you achieve the very best possible outcome.