James M. Cool

Frazer, Ryan, Goldberg & Arnold, LLP
Frazer, Ryan, Goldberg & Arnold, LLP
1850 N. Central Avenue, Suite 1800, Phoenix, AZ 85004 United States
(602) 277-2010
I have two sets of goals: As an attorney: My goal is to provide my clients with high quality, innovative, detail-oriented representation that meets their needs in the most cost-effective way possible. It is my professional responsibility to constantly improve as a writer, speaker, communicator, and thinker. To do that, I read and attend seminars on public speaking, persuasion, legal writing, and psychology. . As a legal advocacy educator/administrator: My goal is to provide students of all ages and backgrounds the fundamental or advanced training they need in order to become more-effective communicators. I see myself as an advocacy mentor, not as an instructor of future lawyers. My primary objective is empowering future advocates in a way that enables them to affect change in their communities and professions. Specialties: I do not have any "specialty" as recognized by the Arizona State Bar Association. However, my professional and academic interests include: Trial Advocacy, Storytelling, Advocacy Education, Public Speaking, Small Group Communication, Oral Argument/Moot Court, Creative Legal Writing, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Psychology and Juror Decision-Making, Small Group Communication, and The Intersection of Communication and Behavior Psychology.
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